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Many Many Thanks Givings

Norman Rockwell's epic Thanksgiving painting brings nothing but warm and heartfelt feelings of family and good food. If this past thanksgiving wasn't the most blessed year of thanksgiving celebrations, then I don't know what is.

I usually only get one turkey dinner per year but this past one I had not one or two, but FOUR! I could have had up to 5 but stopped myself because thats just asking to get asked to play Santa for the neighborhood's christmas play. The platinum hair + turkey belly= Christine asked to put on the red and white fur jumpsuit. But besides the fact that I have to now buy all new clothes, I want to share with you how blessed I feel to have such wonderful friends and family that have invited me into their homes to give thanks to what was most important to us that year. To some it is all about being grateful for the people we have in our lives. For others it could be for the success they've come across in their career or for health they have sustained or that new awesome stainless steel knife set your mother-in-law bought you. In the end, we are all thankful for something that is given to us. However, maybe this year instead of just being thankful for what we have, we can give that thanks back to the people and things we are thankful for. Maybe mentor someone in the same career field as you so they can succeed as well, or volunteer at a local hospital to help someone that is not as fortunate as you in health, or just use that knife set to cook your mother-in-law the BEST or WORST(which would be my case because I can NOT cook) chicken pot pie. Either way, she would love it, no?

Thanksgiving is of course acknowledging the blessings we have in our lives but more importantly I think its all about giving back to what we are thankful for in the first place.

Hope everyone had a Joyous Thanksgiving this year!!!