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Christine & Eric

My dear friend Christine is getting married! I’ve known Christine since elementary school and although we haven’t consistently kept in touch, every time we do meet and get together it’s as if nothing has changed and we just pick up where we left off. I think these types of friendships are so precious as it is a true testament to how comfortable you are with someone and despite the periods of quiet, it shows that friendship doesn’t always mean proximity. I’m so excited for her and look forward to being a part of the planning process for her Big Day.

Christine is truly one of the most lovable people you’ll meet. It only makes sense that she met an equally lovable guy, Eric! Although, I’ve only met Eric once, his care and thoughtfulness for Christine is quite evident! It’s surprising that such a sweet couple could be criminal lawyers!!!

Christine and Eric are such a cute couple, with a great sense of humor!

Thanks to Studio Q for the photos below:

Can't wait for 2011!