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Joyce & Danny

After a happy new year and a much needed vacation, we are back and excited more than ever! :)

We can sincerely say that everything thus far, really did not come from anything we did but it was the Lord's constant provision for which we are so humbled and thankful! I'm not just talking about but things going on in our personal lives as well. We are so blessed to have the Master Coordinator and Designer pay attention to ALL the details, big and small, in our very own lives that we don't have to worry or feel stressed.

On another note, a few months ago we had the privilege of coordinating Joyce & Danny's wedding. I don't know if you remember them from our previous entry but they are one of the sweetest couples ever! Joyce's bubbly personality is infectious and Danny's quiet sense of humor makes you wonder if he's being intentional or not.... which in turn makes things even funnier! Anyway, one thing we admired about Joyce & Danny is not only their love for each other but their love for their families and for God!

unsuspecting Danny... :P

An amazing bridal party that made a surprise performance of their own rendition of "Summer Nights" [Grease]!

All the invitations, programs, guestbook, party favors and even escort cards (that were in the shape of a leaf) were carefully designed and crafted together by their good friend Jacob Liao (such attention to detail, it was amazing)!!!

During the planning process, everything was geared not for themselves but to give back a message of love, thanksgiving and care to those who shaped their lives. Joyce & Danny had a running theme of a tree. Why a tree theme? I think the following, which was on their invitations, says it all: "strong trees are deeply rooted. they last for generations and endure many seasons. likewise, our prayer is to grow to a large family. one deeply rooted in faith and love. one that can endure and weather any storm."

Calamigos Equestrian's Little White House, where the ceremony was held, was already filled with lush green plants, so Joyce opted for a few simple decorations to not take away from the natural beauty. We hand-made the garlands to fit with the color scheme and included matching paper lanterns (that Joyce wanted in particular ;D).

Congrats again, Joyce & Danny!

*special thanks to...*

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Calamigos Equestrian

Photographer: Harrison Long

Florist: City of Commerce Flowers

Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang

Hairpiece: LoveforGrace

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Invitations & Favors: Jacob Liao

Cake: Porto's Bakery

DJ: DJ Denkym