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"The Doobie" & "The John"

CHEERS to the newlywed couple John and Debbie!

Their Manhattan Beach wedding turned out to be such a relaxing and enjoyable event.

These two chose the perfect place for their wedding ~ the beachside leisure seemed to represent their calm and cool personalities, nothing could have ruffled their feathers!


Now for a bit of detail...

We love that they incorporated their own specialty drinks for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.  Being the good man that he is, John personally handed us our own "Doobie"s to enjoy  ~ one of our new favorite drinks!

He nailed the chihuahua face... Almost too well that it makes you wonder...

Watching John and Debbie throughout the day really reminded us of what weddings are all about.  Love.  They weren't caught up in the schedule or worried about getting everything right.  They looked forward to being happily married!

*special thanks to...*

Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Belamar

Florist: Commerce Flowers

Photographer: Jon Kim Photography

Videographer: Myron Kim

DJ: The Love Connection

Cakery: Torrance Bakery

 Hair & Make-up: Hills Beauty Club