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There's No Place Like Home

Back in July, we blogged about our first consultation meeting with Selina & Jeff  and mentioned how Selina has an eye for all things beautiful and that their home was enough for us to want to be a part of this dynamic duo's wedding adventure. Selina and Jeff are the coolest people ever and have their own unique sense of style. It's no wonder that they decided to shoot their engagement session in their own home and neighborhood. Not only is it the perfect location to capture such sweet intimate moments, but it also reflects how sweet and comfortable they are as couple! *Oh, and of course, it wouldn't be complete without a few photos of Boombox too! :)



Jeff made the "JS" sign and Selina, with the help of good friends, made the pom-poms. Keep an eye out for these DIY projects, which will be making another appearance in Selina & Jeff's wedding pictures!!!




We hope you enjoyed these photos taken by Mary from Floataway Studios!