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Hello everyone, remember us? Yes, it has been ages since our last blog post. To those that do read this blog, we hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us. As you can see, we definitely are not bloggers, but we promise that from here on out we will try out best to keep this updated.

So much has been going on in all of our lives that it's been pretty crazy but a huge blessing as well. I, for one, am now a baby mama to Ethan, the sweetest boy ever, and Erica and Christine have been busy with so many new and exciting things that it's hard to keep track (being an auntie to Ethan is one among many other things. hehe).

We are behind in showing off some of our amazing couples, so without further ado, I present to you...

Hanna and Andrew

Hanna's older brother, who is also named Andrew, and I were friends from elementary school, so although I didn't know Hanna personally, I always knew who she was. Fast forward twenty years... I joined a small group at a new church and lo and behold, Hanna was in the same small group. We recognized each other and soon became friends. I had always thought of her as Andrew's younger sister, but getting to know Hanna for who she is was a huge delight for me. She is not only one of the most thoughtful people, but has such a compassionate heart that never ceases to amaze. It only makes sense that Andrew (not her brother Andrew!) would want to marry such an amazing girl. But Andrew is also an amazing guy, which makes Hanna equally as lucky! While on dates, Andrew will randomly stop Hanna, look her in the eye, twirl her around and give her a kiss. How sweet is that?! It's like Robert Doisneau's photograph come to life!  An ongoing love and life story, Hanna and Andrew aren't afraid to show their love for one another by sealing it  with a twirl+kiss.

  photos by Brandon Kidd Photography