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The couple that endures

The moment you meet Hannah and Jin you know they have endless love, respect, compassion and patience for each other. Throughout their 12 years of dating, they have seen it all and grown more in love through the endurance that comes from not always being able to see each other.

Jin is on active duty for the United States Air Force. He was deployed in the past and they both have had to face the struggles of being apart as well as fear for Jin's safety and hope for his return. Nevertheless, they made it through those hard times and made the best decision of their lives to get engaged!

We are so honored to play a part on their special day to witness these two finally tie the knot. You just can't get enough of Hannah's joyful spirit and Jin's cool demeanor. These two are truly addicting as a couple and  we can't wait to see what is to come of them in the future.

Photo courtesy of: Melissa Biador Photography