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Full of Glee

A few months ago, you met my cousins Jen & Rick, and today you get to meet another cousin of mine, Kim (Rick's sister) and her perfect match, Eddie!  Kim has always been the funny, quirky cousin, and I've always looked up to her for her opinions, free spirit and great sense of style (lots of anthropologie influence!)  I wasn't sure if there could be a man with just as much spunk and wit as Kim, but lo and behold they found each other, and in a way that only two people with as much character as they have, could have met!

Eddie is from Chicago, but moved out to LA a while back to pursue his acting career.  Kim is from LA but had recently moved back from SF, and was exploring a career in pastry and baking. Around the same time, the GLEE phenomenon had just begun to explode, and a few Gleeky Chicago friends living in LA decided to throw a New Year's Eve Glee-themed costume party.  Eddie met Kim, and their quirky humor fused into a great big ball of happy energy, bringing us to the present as they plan to forever laugh and grow old together.

These two have brought me so much laughter as I've spent more time with them, and it amazes more and more each time to see how God brought Kim & Eddie together to join in holy hilarious happy matrimony.  I'm thrilled to be part of the wedding and look forward to all our family gatherings with these great personalities!

Photos taken by Jason Kim

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