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Jean & Stanley

After the first meeting with Jean & Stanley, the one thing I knew we absolutely had to make sure of was that Stanley got a big slice of cake at his wedding.  When he initially made the request, I laughed it off and thought he was being funny... but then he got real serious.  I learned quickly that Stanley LOVES cake.  Maybe as much as he loves Jean.  Apparently at every wedding he's been to, Stanley's been one of the first to get a slice of cake.  At one such wedding, which happened to be only a month or so before he proposed to Jean, Stanley had a slice of cake in one hand and skillfully caught the garter in the other, without even dropping a crumb.  True story.  The picture's on facebook.

So while this post is obviously about Jean & Stanley's wedding at the beautiful Vibiana, we also wanted to pay tribute to their love of cake and desserts, made deliciously by Jay's Catering!

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Venue: The Vibiana / Photography: Taek Photography / Videography: Komotion Pictures / Catering: Angel Catering / Cake & Desserts: Jay's Catering / Lighting: Amber Event Production / Rentals: Elegant Designs / Photobooth: Photo Booths for Parties / Sound Equipment: A Night to Remember / Florist: McCoy's Flowers / String Quartet: Fiddlestix