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Christine & Brian

Last week, Christine & Brian's wedding was featured on Grey Likes Weddings, and we're so excited to now share their happy event with you ourselves!

Sweet = Christine & Brian

From the way they speak to each other, to the looks in their eyes, everything about these two is just sooo sweet.  It's been said amongst mutual friends that their subtle affection for one another can cause onlookers to get goosebumps.  As we witnessed their marriage, the beauty of their love for one another on the foundation of Christ was so evident, that we had goosebumps all over!  May your sweet love continue to grow and have a positive impact on those you meet!

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Ceremony: Walt Disney Concert Hall / Reception: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion / Photography: Esther Sun / Videography: The Anthem Cinema / Florist: Commerce Flowers / DJ & MC: Thousand Words Events / Harpist: Carol Tatum / Cakery: King's Hawaiian / Hair & Make-up: Wedding Time