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Ethan's 1st Birthday

Hello, hello ~ Janet here!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but thanks to my girls, you and I have been able to see all the pretty that's been happening with us! ;) Thanks ladies!

I just wanted to take a moment to say that... I moved to Austin, TX! Yup yup! I've been out here for a few months and as you can guess, it's been quite crazy trying to move and settle in to my new environment. As hard as it was to leave LA (and during it's growth), my home is where my husband is and thus supported his decision to move out here.

Settling in has been slow coming and about a month ago, Erica and a few other friends, came for a surprise visit. I was completely shocked and overwhelmingly touched. I love you girls. Thanks to their visit, I finally ventured outside of my home to see what Austin has to offer. I had heard only good things about Austin, so when I went to go and explore, I fell a little in love with the city. For a family, Austin is amazing and everyday I am thankful that Ethan can grow up here (but he will always have his LA roots... Go Lakers! Go Dodgers!). It's not always easy being outside of my comfort zone and there are definitely moments of homesickness (family, friends and food), but it just makes me reflect on how blessed I am with an amazing community back home and excited for the community I will gain here.

Despite all the changes going on in my life, I am thankful for the things that remain constant and strong, one of them being.... you guessed it,! Thinking back on when we began this journey to where we are now, I am amazed to see all the relationships that we have and still are forming with the most awesome people ever! Thank you brides, grooms, vendors and so forth.. You're enthusiasm and faith in us really encourages and reminds us of why we do what we do. We love you!! These relationships are so special to us because that's what our vision was really about - meeting and making good friends. I am sad that I won't be in Los Angeles, to physically be a part of the team (I miss you girls so much), but I am anxious for all that's yet to come (and thank GOD for Google Hangout sessions)! In the meantime, I'll be updating here and there and will be involved in every way possible. For those wondering if is branching out to Austin.... well, we'll see... you never know. ;P

For now, I wanted to give you guys a glimpse of Ethan and how much he's grown. The last post was at my baby shower when I was eight months pregnant. Ethan is now fifteen months and always on the run... a sweet, but wild child! Hehehe...

Photos of Ethan when he was a newborn, just two weeks old, taken by Sam Lim


Last December, we flew back to LA for Ethan's first birthday. In the Korean culture, the first birthday, dohl, is a pretty big deal. In LA, it's become so big that it's like a mini wedding reception!!! *And yes, does dohls! I pre-planned a few things before I moved to Austin, but my ladies helped put everything together while I was away. It was a great night of celebration, thanksgiving and love.

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Doljabi is a traditional Korean 1st birthday celebration where items are placed before a child and the child picks up one of the objects. Each item has a significant meaning, which is supposed to foretell the child's future. Ethan picked up the golf ball. Daddy was so happy.


Ethan had cake for the very first time. He didn't really have a reaction.

He seems to favor savory over sweet.  :)


The best kid picture we could take. Lol!


The birthday boy partied too much... Knocked out! xoxo


*special thanks to...*

Venue & Catering: Little Prince Cafe

Photography: Grace Baek

Little Prince Cake: Julie Jeon (my good friend. thanks love!)

Sheet Cake: Porto's Bakery

Florist: Commerce Flowers (head table) & (centerpieces)

Dduk (Korean rice cakes): Seoul Bakery

Dohl Pillars: Myself and Erica

Design & Coordination:

Ethan's hanbok (Korean traditional outfit): my aunt from Korea sent it :) Thanks eemo!